Rachel Nador


Portfolio: www.rachelnador.com


To continue to work as a 3d artist.



·      SOFTWARE: Maya (12 yr.), 3D Studio Max (1 yr.), Photoshop (10 yr.) familiarity with Z-brush.

·      SHIPPED GAMES: Def Jam Icon, True Crime 2 New York City, James Bond 007 Everything or Nothing, Tiger Woods Golf 2005, Dr. Muto, X-men III, and more.

·      GENERAL: Polygonal and NURBS modeling, texture creation.



Freelance/Contract 3D Artist, Chicago, IL; 4/06 – present.


Clients Include:


Cyber-Anatomy: Modeled and textured "dissectible" human organs and complex body systems for medical-level interactive anatomy software. Also modeled and textured various disectable scientific (geology, zoology, molecular biology, etc) models. Created and animated cellular models.


Adler Planetarium: Modeled alien plant life for the Adler Planetarium dome theater movie The Searcher, part of the new immersive experience Deep Space Adventure.


Illumen Group: Created several complex medical implant models for a leading orthopedic company. Models were used in an augmented reality application. Modeled multiple dental tools used for interactive teaching software


Illinois Institute of Art: Instructed "Designing Interior Spaces and Worlds."

Created Curriculum and instructed the class as a part of the school's Game Art and Design BFA program.

Guest instructor for various classes and senior portfolio reviews.


Mighty Bytes: Modeled/reworked 3d character mascot. Rendered and added special effects to short animations for video presentations.


EA Chicago: Def Jam Icon for the Playstation 2 and Xbox 360 (released 3/07)

Created models, textures, and environments for in-game cinematics (7/06-9/06)


Activision/ Z-Axis, Foster City, CA; 4/05 – 3/06.


Project: X-Men III for the Playstation 2, Xbox, and Xbox 360 (released 5/06)

Modeled and textured level element/props.

Tasks also included debugging, creation of LODs, collision geometry, tagging, etc.


Project: Unannounced superhero game for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360

Used Z-brush and Maya to create props.

Also used Z-brush to create normal maps and bump maps and applied them to lower poly models.


Project: True Crime 2: New York City for the Playstation 2 and Xbox (released 11/05)

Was responsible for multiple levels

Modeled and laid out UVs for architecture and some props.

Duties also included lighting, fx implementation, prop placement, and object tagging.

Electronic Arts, Redwood City, CA; 3/03 – 11/04.


Project: Tiger Woods Golf 2005 for the Playstation 2, Xbox, and GameCube (released 9/04)

Modeled and refined course terrain and objects.


Project: James Bond 007 Everything or Nothing for the Playstation 2, Xbox, and GameCube (released 2/04)

Modeled and textured game environment objects (machinery, architectural details, other props, etc.)

Modeled and textured high-resolution models for pre-rendered cinematic.

Atari Games/ Midway Games West, Milpitas, CA; 9/99 – 2/03.


Project: Game cinematics for an adventure/fighting game to be announced, for the Playstation 2 and Xbox.

Modeled and textured high-resolution models for pre-rendered cinematic.

Also polished geometry and textures of preexisting in-game models for cinematic use.


Project: Dr. Muto, a dark cartoony platformer for the Playstation 2, Xbox, and GameCube (released 11/02.)

Modeled and textured, and created world animations for nine different levels.

Levels had to accommodate multiple “morphs” (characters with different mechanics).


Project: Promotional cinematic teaser for Dr. Muto.

Modeled NURBS and high-resolution polygonal models.

Created special effects including particle animation and Maya Paint effects.

Duties also included lighting, rendering, task delegation, and editing of entire cinematic.


Project: Game cinematic teaser for Joust, a fantasy adventure game

Lead art team to create promotional cinematic under tight deadline (6 weeks.)

Duties included directing, scheduling, and task delegation.

Edited cinematic using Adobe Premiere.

Also contributed modeling, lighting, Maya paint effects, and rendering in several shots.


Project: Joust, A fantasy adventure game for next generation consoles.

Modeled multiple organic worlds with polygons and bezier patches.

Conducted research and development work on bezier patch modeling for real-time applications.

Created concept art, textures, and world animations.


Project: Pojo the Chicken, A whimsical platformer game for the Playstation 2.

Concepted, modeled and textured game worlds including terrain, props, architecture, etc.

Metropolis Digital/ Metro 3D, San Jose, CA; 9/98 - 3/99.


Project: Cinematic sequences for 20th Anniversary Pac Man for the Sony Playstation (released 11/99).

        Modeled props, characters, and environments using NURBS in Alias Power Animator. 

        Created character animation, lighting, and special effects using Alias and Maya.

Center for Computer-Aided Design, Iowa City, IA; 3/96 - 7/98.             

Projects: Driving simulation databases for pharmaceutical and automotive research and military training.

        Created low-poly vehicles, models, roadways, and cultural features using Multigen and Photoshop

Image Analysis Facility, University of Iowa; 6/95 - 12/95.

Project: Modeled a hominid jaw fragment using NURBS in Alias which appeared in Discover, Natural History, Asia Week, and other publications.        



Bachelor of Arts in the Fine Arts, University of Iowa, 1995, with a minor in Anthropology

Alias Level III Design Certification, 1998.

Various Modeling and Texturing Classes through EA University, 2003/2004

Multiple Z-brush tutorials and instructional videos, 2005


Board member of the Computer Grahpics Society Chicago chapter, 2009 - present